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Cinderella 2009 Christmas Panto

By FAM, 27 November 2009


Get ready for a feast of outrageous overacting, painful puns, awe-inspiring audience participation, raucous rock’n’ music all rolled into a scintillating Cinderella… (that’s enough hype! ed.)

And so it is upon us once again, Panto Fever and around the English Department and, God forbid, even in classes Panto quotes are rife and students contradict each other chorally with “oh no, it isn’t” — “oh yes, it is”. All this because we’re headed for a four-night series of performances of this time-honoured musical play, some would say hoary old thing, a Cinderella that all those who love the fairy tale will almost recognise. (didn’t say that’s enough hype? ed.)

Cinderella, the Panto
performances in the
Gaskessel (www.gaskessel.ch)
Sandrainstrasse 25, 3007 Bern
7, 8 9, 10 December
Doors open at 19.00
Show starts at 19.30
admission 15.—/20.— (bring a cushion to sit on!)


Music and things

By FAM, 6 January 2009

There has been little in the way of posts because the time since summer was so busy with teaching and stuff. But one of the new things to have developed in the last months is that thanks to new hardware, more and more material will become available as sound files online. The first offering here is this:


Note that “Benediction Song” can be downloaded for free.


Gymnasium Oberaargau, Langenthal

By FAM, 24 June 2008

Listen to poetry and music and support multi-faith Gladys Allen Highschool in Karatchi. 1st July, 8 pm Aula Gymo (http://map.search.ch/4900-langenthal/weststr.21

Langenthal flyer.JPG


Music and News

By FAM, 27 May 2008

Words (Big Bill Shakespeare) and Music (FAM)

It had to happen at some stage and now it has: what with all the possibilities for ego-mania on Web 2.0 it was probably merely a matter of time until we’d be using the marvellous possibilities of Facebook and Co and the opportunities this affords for pushing music on the unsuspecting and innocent.

For the Student Theatre Group production of As You Like It I had the pleasure to supply the music, which can now, together with a couple of other songs that represent my dabbling in song-writing and recording, be accessed by clicking on this:


It’s actually quite interesting that after years of playing other folks stuff (a decent cover is always better than a mediocre composition) and of not doing very much in terms of original music, there is now a burst of this and, given time, a fair bit more soon. It was great working on the tunes for the Shakespeare and his lyrics are so easy to sing, so doing the music for them was almost too easy.

The other two songs on the site for the moment are results of a bit of pastichy dabbling, with the song “Never Change” a kind of Cohen-by-numbers. The strange things seems to be that both but this one in particular attracted a lot of favourable and completely un-ironic comment on Myspace before the account was closed down for reasons that have remained unexplained. Still, go and have a listen … and don’t fall for all the heavy-duty hard sell of having to become a fan and all that. I’m doing this for fun, not (so much) for my ego.

Poetry Workshop and Reading with Poet, Singer and All-Round Good Man Donny O’Rourke

It has been my pleasure to get to know this wonderful writer, singer and enjoyer of good company, good craic and good cheer and I take great pleasure in drawing attention to the fact that he is doing a workshop and a reading on

Thursday, 29 May, 16.15-18.00 (workshop)
and 18.15 -19.15 (reading)
at Unitobler, Room f-121

It will be great to work with Donny and even greater to see lots of people for a reading that promises to be truly memorable.

More News to Follow Soonest

There will be more news soon including some concerts with the next incarnation of the Psynchopaths and a poetry reading in Langenthal.


Arrival in the 21st Century

By FAM, 20 January 2008

Well, Web 2.0 being seriously upon us, this gives many of us a shot at media glory. And then, of course, there are all these ways of making a relatively shakey amateur video look rather less shakey and adding some snazz, largely thanks to Mac (with seems rather snazzier) and Windows (considerably less so).

Andri, Franz’s son, age 12, has been messing around on his Macbook, and with the tricks it affords for editing video footage. The outcome is this short film featuring Franz reading “Pets”. The video, not shakey at all, actually, was taken by Amy Smearsoll of the International School of Berne, where the reading took place during a residency there. The title tune, incidentally is a rough’n’ready multitracked first effort at a recent song. Oh, yes, and the whole thing is a Cloak & Dagger Production, Andri’s most recent venture.


More Music at Mappamondo

By FAM, 30 September 2007

After the rather pleasant evening with a wide variety of music that was ED-Aid 07 the Arts Council of the English Department has had the glorious idea to repeat the event in order to welcome our new students and to publicise what the Arts Council is all about.

And thusly we find ourselves again, Dick Watts and Dewi Williams now colloborating a bit more closely together with friends before being joined by the indefatigable Psynchopaths. And then, of course the second part of the evening will be devoted to the usual mix of Blues, Rock, Fun(k), Soul and touches of Jazz, although it has been rumoured that new songs have been added to the mix.


So get there for
Friday 5 October
Theatersaal, Länggassstrasse 44,
3012 Bern,
starting at 19:30 hrs or at least that’s when the bar opens
(see also the Download file of the concert poster)

As a small advance taster there is an amateur video from one of the practice sessions featuring Dick, Dewi and Franz out in the sunny climes (ha-bloody-ha) of Oltigen, where for once the sun shone happily on three men as they were playing music in the backgarden.


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