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This is a comprehensive list of the writing activities available on

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Activities for Groups/Workshops

  1. Matt’s Memory Exercise
  2. Diary of a Somebody
  3. Pingpong Dialogue
  4. The Unfettered Lunacy of Titles
  5. Happily 25 Years After
  6. Fifteen Seconds of Fame
  7. Facets
  8. You’ll Never Believe
  9. Altar Poems
  10. Four Definitions
  11. A Story from Different Angles
  12. Moral Tales
  13. Things Coming to a Head
  14. Lurve is all you Need
  15. School Days
  16. Compare Thee

Activities for Individual Writers

  1. Writing a Sonnet
  2. Writing a Pantoum
  3. Finding them a Home
  4. Before my Mind’s Eye
  5. A Poem that Chunters
  6. What if …
  7. Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing
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