Creative writing activity for group/workshop

You’ll never Believe what Happened to me


to develop an imaginary situation by adding new details

to develop a setting and characterise protagonists and in a story which highlight its effects

to practice telling an incident with shifting emphasis

to create a humourous/dramatic narrative, dialogue or monologue


group work, four to five participants each


Most chapters of The Water-Method Man by John Irving


One large sheet of paper per student


Form groups of five; each participant is given a large sheet paper. (At a pinch steps four and five can be combined then four participants.)

Think of a situation or a social accident – fictional or real – that would be really embarrassing. Write it down in as few words a possible and pass the paper on.

Write an account of the situation or accident as graphically (and as humorously) as possible. Pass the paper on.

Underneath describe a person to whom the hero/heroine of the account has to confess or explain what happened. Pass the paper on.

Write down a situation in which the hero/heroine has to make the confession and why it has to be made there and then. Pass the paper on.

Write the confession either as narrative, as a monologue, or as a dramatic dialogue.

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