Creative writing activity for group/workshop

Pingpong Dialogues


to adopt two voices in two totally different situations

to react appropriately to the changes in these situations as the exchange progresses


whole group in a circle



one sheet per participant for the dialogue

one small piece of paper per participant for the situation


a) this is a good language practice activity according to participants who work as teachers and have used it in their classrooms, at times at a fairly early stage (post-elementary).

b) to add an element of lunacy the participants can required to include a silly word or phrase, e.g. from here.


On the small piece of paper write down a situation and two characters involved in it when a conflict between them comes to a head. Hand these in.

After they are redistributed (and you have got one which isn’t your own) pick one of the two characters.

Write the opening shot (a statement, a question or a challenge) and pass the piece of paper to the right, together with the ‘situation sllip’.

Write the reply to the opening shot on the piece of paper you have received and pass it back to the person on your left (who write the opening shot).

Continue like this until you feel the situation can be brought to a close.

Possible extension: Include a silly word, phrase sentence or from an earlier activity, e.g. from this one.

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