Cinderella 2009 Christmas Panto

By FAM, 27 November 2009


Get ready for a feast of outrageous overacting, painful puns, awe-inspiring audience participation, raucous rock’n’ music all rolled into a scintillating Cinderella… (that’s enough hype! ed.)

And so it is upon us once again, Panto Fever and around the English Department and, God forbid, even in classes Panto quotes are rife and students contradict each other chorally with “oh no, it isn’t” — “oh yes, it is”. All this because we’re headed for a four-night series of performances of this time-honoured musical play, some would say hoary old thing, a Cinderella that all those who love the fairy tale will almost recognise. (didn’t say that’s enough hype? ed.)

Cinderella, the Panto
performances in the
Gaskessel (
Sandrainstrasse 25, 3007 Bern
7, 8 9, 10 December
Doors open at 19.00
Show starts at 19.30
admission 15.—/20.— (bring a cushion to sit on!)

More Music at Mappamondo

By FAM, 30 September 2007

After the rather pleasant evening with a wide variety of music that was ED-Aid 07 the Arts Council of the English Department has had the glorious idea to repeat the event in order to welcome our new students and to publicise what the Arts Council is all about.

And thusly we find ourselves again, Dick Watts and Dewi Williams now colloborating a bit more closely together with friends before being joined by the indefatigable Psynchopaths. And then, of course the second part of the evening will be devoted to the usual mix of Blues, Rock, Fun(k), Soul and touches of Jazz, although it has been rumoured that new songs have been added to the mix.


So get there for
Friday 5 October
Theatersaal, Länggassstrasse 44,
3012 Bern,
starting at 19:30 hrs or at least that’s when the bar opens
(see also the Download file of the concert poster)

As a small advance taster there is an amateur video from one of the practice sessions featuring Dick, Dewi and Franz out in the sunny climes (ha-bloody-ha) of Oltigen, where for once the sun shone happily on three men as they were playing music in the backgarden.

Ed-Aid 07 Benefit Concert

By Rudolf Ammann, 26 January 2007’s own FAM will perform on stage, larger than life and twice as natural, as part of the Ed-Aid 07 Benefit Concert, which will be held at the Mappamondo Theatersaal, Länggassstrasse 44, 3012 Bern, on Friday, 2 February 2007, starting at 20:00 hrs.

The line-up includes:

The concert hall and bar will open at 19:00 hrs, admission comes to CHF 15.—/20.—, and all proceeds go to the following charities: SidEcole, Cecily’s Fund and the Equal Education Fund.

The event will double as somebody’s birthday party, but the person in question being of a modest and bashful disposition, no names shall be named. Not at this point, anyway.

The concert poster is available for your downloading pleasure in a common desktop wallpaper size (1024 x 768 px) and in PDF format.

Residency at the International School Berne

By FAM, 5 September 2006

It is with some excitement, to put it mildly, but also a bit of stagefright that FAM will be off to a two-day residency (11 and 12 September) at the English-medium International School Bern. Apart from the regular ISB students, there will also be some pupils from the Freies Gymnasium and Campus Muristalden in Bern who are taught throught the medium of English in selected subjects.

This is a follow up from the yearly visits by poets to work with and to read to the children and youngsters at this school. Previous visiting poets included George Szirtes, Ian Macmillan, Benjamin Zephania and Roger McGough, who are all hard acts to follow. Still, it’s nice to rub shoulders with such an illustrius bunch of predecessors, not to mention a challenge to come up with something the students will remember.

The first day will focus on the pupils in primary school, where the challenge will be to do a writing workshop that may include rather little writing. This is followed by a reading for the children in the afternoon. Monday will finish with a reading for the older students, who will be trying their hand at writing poems the following day.

Working with children and young people always is a challenge. This is mainly because it often gives you a first shot at trying to prevent students from developing their fear of flying, which is one way to describe the unease students often have when dealing with poetry in class. Clearly, the order of the day(s) will be to make that first also the best shot…

Now watch the Movie

By FAM, 13 June 2006

It won’t exactly be the red carpet and the stretch limousines but it will be a world premiere: the first showing of Matt Kimmich’s short film “Knowing me, knowing you.”.

The film uses the short play of the same name which was written during a sabbatical in Greece and presents two characters, both feeling that the time for a break has come in their relationship. They both mentally rehearse conversations that might lead up to the point where this could be mentioned, each one imagining how their counterpart might react. The dialogues focus on domestic scenes and minor conflicts as they occur between seasoned couples and are interspersed with comments by the protagonists that reflect on the nature of their relationship. Contrary to what all this might suggest, the play is a comedy. If Matt doesn’t contradict, I would suggest that the film is too.

The first viewing will take place on

Wednesday, 14 June 2006,
Room f022 at 18.15

followed by an aperitive.

Singing with Old Friend Dewi Williams

By FAM, 17 March 2006

When Dewi Williams retired, there was widespread despair that both his dulcet tones and his repertoire of good-time songs would be lost to the students and friends of the English Department. And soon the raucous pre-Christmas parties with their impromptu finger food buffets and improvised quaffing (instead of serious academic work, of course), so much disliked by the caretakers, would become nothing but a dim memory of the few survivors.

Fortunately, nothing can hold Dewi down for long and so it is with great pleasure that we can announce an Evening of Songs: on Wednesday 29 March at the AliBaba / LänggassTreff on Lerchenweg 35, Bern as of 7 p.m. Dewi will be performing his songs (with yours truly doing the backing picking/vocals) and everyone is expected to join in lustily. The evening is organised by the Swiss-British Society Bern, bless their cotton socks, and should be good fun. Be there with well-oiled vocal chords…


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