British Council Teaching Pack

Creative Ways

The teaching pack was produced in connection with and based on a British Council conference ‘Creative Ways: from creative reading to creative writing’ in Oxford in 2000. The conference brought together teachers of literature from all over the world to explore, together with writing teachers and poets, the possibilties of improving the understanding of literary texts by using creative writing techniques.

Primarily ‘Creative Ways’ , based on six short BBC World Service broadcasts (included on cassette) is intended for teachers of English and English literature, but it is also useful for those who would like to explore creative writing techniques in classroom teaching, which explains the full title of the TP: ‘How to teach Creative Writing’. There are six sections dealing with the following themes:

The activities can be done indivdually or in sequence. Any theme can be dealt with on its own or in the order it is presented in the handbook. If time is short or there are no facilities for playing the tape, the exercises work very well without the broadcasts, but these may add further dimension to the background of some of the activities.

Having said all this the next announcement may sound a little sheepish: The print-run of the teaching pack is exhausted already and the British Council, because it is not allowed to market the pack commercially for contractual reasons with the BBC, will not reprint it. However, it will be available from the British Council, Switzerland website and probably later on from the British Council ‘Teaching English’ website. However, as a stop-gap measure it is a privilege to host a PDF version of the teaching pack. You are invited to download the file and use it free of charge but you may not sell it or circulate it commercially.

. . . . .

The teaching pack ‘Creative Ways’ is a PDF-file (readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader) and has 329 KB. It is identical to the teaching pack the British Council sent out in early September 2002. The corresponding BBC World Service broadcasts are available from here.

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