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Sripriya Sitaraman

Seasoned Travellers

I’m struggling with the luggage
but you are too far ahead to notice.

I’d like to have a drink at the hotel bar
but you want to have dinner straightaway.

I would like to plan the first day
but you fall asleep immediately.

I couldn’t go to sleep in the strange bed
but you are determined to start the day early.

I feel very tired from lack of sleep
but you want to do the sightseeing on foot.

I feel rather lonely
but you know we belong together.


Attention Please

Propped up against a pillow, watching TV
my quilt is keeping me warm and cuddly
and my hot water-bottle, tea and a thermometer
are keeping me company.

I’ve got the remote in my hand at all times
to make sure that the volume is low
for fear of drowning the ringing of the telephone.

When I can hardly hear the TV anymore
I decide to pull myself together
And forget the phone.

So, I get up
check the post-box
for some
personalised adverts.


A Scoop of Love

We’re walking through the city,
Looking at shop windows,
Our eyes occasionally meet,
Over the rim of our ice cream.

We’re standing in my kitchen,
Reading each other’s eyes
You reach out to me,
Tickle me – and I scream.

We’re sitting on a bench,
Talking about past and future,
You gave up, I’ve shut up
But my eyes scream.


Longing for Love

Longing for love means
Trying to please people who
Hate servility.



Good to see you too!
is what they say when they want
to be somewhere else.

What are your plans now?
is what they say when they want
to be on their own.

Yes, I love you too.
is what they say when they want
you to shut up.

Clouded Skies

The Sunday walk is
Not so relaxing
When there is
A commissioned poem
Casting a long shadow
On all those lovely daffodils

     A reaction to William Wordsworth’s
     ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’


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