Here be a selection of frequently unasked questions, complete with all the right answers.

What is Creative-writing.ch about?

We have been on-line for quite a while now, time perhaps, to restate what this site is trying to achieve. It is committed to give people who like writing a starting point or perhaps some ideas what to write about or how to go about writing texts creatively.

Even if it is true that most writing is creative (including the shopping list I usually take with me on Saturday mornings) what we mean in this context is texts like poems, short stories, dialogues, perhaps even prose vignettes and essayistic writing.

Oh yes, sorry, the human being behind the website is Franz Andres Morrissey.

So what is there?

You’ll find a number of writing activities, which have been found to get creative juices flowing. These are updated from time to time, if Franz's multifarious (multi? ne?) doings allow it. Once the creative juices start flowing, all you need to do is to keep it up. Write as much and as often as you can and never leave the desk without a notebook.

There are also texts written by participants in workshops and at seminars held at various places in Switzerland. For the moment Franz is on a sabbatical, i.e. he hasn't had courses or workshops; in March 2005 we will post more and new writers. What needs to be said is that the that are already posted are truly impressive.

There is also a selection of Franz's poems written by Franz Andres Morrissey, some with audio clips of live performances.

You will also find a number of writing activities. They are excerpts from a collection of activities called Write from the Start, which is being tested by a number of writers and workshop animators in a number of places. If you are interested in trying some activities out, contact Franz!

Anisa and FranzA collection of poems which forms the basis of a poetry performance will be available in the not too distant future. It is called Twenty Pieces of Advice for the Lovelorn and will feature some illustrations in truly stunning Zen-style watercolours by Scottish-Cosmopolitan artist Anisa Caine.

When these project see the light of day, there will be an announcement on the welcome page.

Check out the special events section in connection with creative writing activities and events connected with contempary writing in English in Switzerland.

There are a number of varied items such as reviews, reports of events and readings, feedback, etc. as well as links to other writing sites under Mixed Pickles. It’s up to you what you consider more useful, or less so... Happy Surfing.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have visited in the past, for their pleasant feedback and the encouragement.

Wait, you’re doing this all on your own?

No. The site design, coding and illustrations on Creative-writing.ch rest in the capable hands of R.K. Ammann, who teaches English in Japan and who’s currently knocking himself out over the student weblog Tawawa.org.

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